St. Philip’s Rochester Sermon Podcast

Inquirers’ Class — May 9, 2019 “What Episcopalians Believe”

May 13, 2019

Inquirers' Class

Session 2: What Episcopalians Believe


  1. Anglicanism and the Via Media

    1. Comprehensiveness—Catholic and Protestant
    2. The Anglican Tripod: Scripture, Tradition, and Reason
    3. “Praying Shapes Believing” or Lex orandi, lex credendi
  2. Baptismal Covenant
    1. The core understanding of what it means to be a Christian
    2. Includes what we believe and how we live
  3. Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral (BCP, p. 876)
    1. Statement in the 19thcentury of core understandings of Anglicanism
    2. Necessitated by the ecumenical movement
  4. Creeds
    1. Apostles’ Creed — used in Holy Baptism and the Daily Office
    2. Nicene Creed — required on Sundays
    3. Other Creeds (BCP, p.864)
  5. Catechism — An Outline of the Faith (BCP, p. 845)
    1. A teaching guide to the core beliefs of the Episcopal Church
  6. 39 Articles (BCP, p. 867)
    1. Historic principles established by the Church of England at the Reformation
    2. Preoccupied with our differences from the Roman Catholic Church and Puritans
  7. Other prayers and liturgies of the Prayer Book
    1. Theology is embedded in all of our worship
  8. Hymns in the hymnal
    1. Words of hymns must be approved by General Convention
  9. Statements of General Convention and of the Presiding Bishop
    1. While not the essential dogma, these statements are the official positions of our church